Orthopedic Care

Are you planning a surgery? Did you recently have an injury that requires surgery? If your answer is yes to either of these questions, Bighorn Physical Therapy is your place to complete your physical therapy. All of our therapists are highly trained in post-surgical rehabilitation. We have the equipment and skills to improve your motion and strength to get you back to functioning at the highest level in the shortest amount of time.

Our team has worked with the orthopedic surgeons in the area for years. We stay up to date with their most current protocols, and we do our best to keep up on the research to offer the most up to date, most effective, interventions to help speed your recovery. Our pre-surgical consults will help you feel much more comfortable with the process prior to your surgery. This is a free service and should be utilized to help you prepare prior to surgery.


Sports Medicine

Around central Montana there are a lot of very active individuals and we understand the importance of staying active. Whether you are a high school athlete, or an active adult, we can help you recover from your injury quicker to get you back in the game sooner.

We will get you in for your first appointment as quickly as possible to help curtail the inflammatory process. As you progress, we have the space and equipment to challenge you so you can return to your activity without limitation. We also offer free injury screens for all central Montana athletes. Just call the clinic to schedule.


Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most troublesome issues that people deal with every day. Rather than try to self-diagnose by researching the internet, let one of the skilled physical therapists at Bighorn help you treat that pain.

There are multiple causes for low back pain, and self-treating the wrong diagnosis can actually cause your symptoms to increase. The therapists at Bighorn will complete a full evaluation and treat your back with the most up to date, evidence based, interventions to decrease your low back pain.

We believe patient education is a large part of treating low back pain as well. Understanding your diagnosis will improve your outcome and help reduce the chances of your back pain returning once you are finished with physical therapy.


Falls & Balance Training

As our population continues to age, so does our risk of falling. The problem is that falls can change our life in a second. Many people suffer head injuries, or broken hips, wrists, and shoulders from falling. These can be devastating to our independence.

Let's prevent these injuries from occurring by engaging in a physical therapy rehab program to work on strength, balance, and gait to reduce fall risk. There are multiple studies out there that voice how effective fall prevention can be in all populations.

We have the tools in our clinic to help challenge your balance to teach your body to correct losses of balance quicker and more effectively.


Dry Needling

Dry needling is an intervention that can be used to help facilitate your rehabilitation and speed your recovery. Unlike acupuncture, who’s treatment is based on Meridians throughout the body, physical therapists use dry needling to address pain patterns and to facilitate the neuromuscular system to help it function more optimally.

The focus is more localized. We use dry needling to release tight musculature that may lead to tendonitis, bursitis, or general muscle pain. This is also an effective tool to help with headaches, neck pain, or low back pain. All of our therapists at Bighorn have gone through the intense training program to be certified in functional dry needling.


Pre-surgical Consultations

Take advantage of a FREE pre-surgical consultsIf you, or someone you know, is scheduled for surgery. These consults are meant to answer your questions about your upcoming surgery to help you understand the surgical process and the recovery.

Many times patients are lacking a lot of ROM or strength prior to surgery. Improving this before the surgery will help speed up the recovery afterwards. So, don’t sit back and wonder what will happen, schedule a free consult and let us help you understand your upcoming surgical process from start to finish.


Athletic Injury Screens

Athletics have played a large part in Lance, Regan, and Kensey's lives. All of our therapists played sports in Central MT Schools growing up. We’d like to give back. We offer FREE athletic injury screens to all Central Montana athletes.

Here we will evaluate the injury and decide if this is something that can be taken care of with a few exercises, or something that needs to be referred to a doctor for further follow-up. These usually take 20-30 minutes and are very helpful for the athlete, and their parents.


Bighorn Sports Enhancement

90% of all athletes will report an injury at some point in their career, likely due to incorrect training methods, strength imbalances, poor conditioning, and improper body mechanics. The BSE program is designed by physical therapists, who are movement specialists trained to identify strengths, weaknesses, and movement patterns. 

The BSE program is for athletes aged 12-college. Athletes will be placed in small groups, each athlete will be screened prior to training to assess movement patterns, measure baseline performance, and understand indivualized goals. The goal of BSE is to enhance speed, power, and agility in athletes, while providing custom sessions for each athlete and their respective groups. We have specialized equipment to improve athletes performance, which will be reassessed at the end of the program. 


Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR)

Our therapists are certified in blood flow restriction (BFR) training! BFR is a great option to offer our patients to help build strength of a muscle more quickly without placing our patients through intense, rigorous exercise. A pneumatic cuff is placed around the muscle being trained, it is then inflated to an individualized pressure that will allow arterial blood flow to the limb, while blocking venous flow. The patient then completes a specific amount of reps of a low-intensity exercise designated by your therapist. By blocking venous flow, the muscle is placed in a hypoxic environment, which mimics the effects and benefits of building muscle strength and hypertrophy seen with high-intensity exercise. This is a great option to help patients build strength who are not able to participate in high-intensity exercise, such as following surgery or if you are non-weightbearing. It is also a beneficial treatment to build strength before surgery or in athletes for performance enhancement. We are excited to offer this to our patients as part of our treatments!


Products for Purchase

We have a variety of products for purchase to help you practice excercises at home or protect your body. Products can be purchased at the office, simply ask your provider about your options!

Bighorn PT has a variety of products including: shoulder pulleys, foam rolls, shoulder braces, ankle braces, knee braces, home traction units, heel lifts, ice packs, and orthotics.